How to Sell Your House Fast During Divorce In Texas?

Wondering how to sell your house fast during divorce in Texas? You’ve landed on the right page!

Divorce is a distressful situation and anyone would want to get done with it quickly. But when shared property assets are involved, you will be forced to slow things down and distribute it evenly first. 

We get how frustrating that can be and this is why we are here. At DTX Equity, we have spent years helping divorcees settle their property disputes with our quick cash house-buying services in Texas. 

So, in today’s post, let us show you the fastest way to sell your Texas house during divorce. We will also talk about some key questions that might be bothering you at the moment. Let’s get started!

Who Gets the House in Divorce in Texas?

Unfortunately, in Texas, there is no escape from selling your house during a divorce. If you and your spouse decide to split up, the real estate properties will split up too. This is because Texas is a community property state

In Texas, any property bought during marriage is considered community property. This means both you and your spouse own it equally – unless you have evidence to prove it is a separate property. Learn more about Texas Divorce Property Laws

So, when a divorce is filed, a decision MUST be taken to determine who will get the house. You have the following options:

1. Work out an agreement with your spouse.

This is the best strategy if you are on talking terms with your spouse. One of you can keep the house and compensate the other one for its share value through cash or other assets. Or, both of you can agree to sell the house and divide the money equally.    

2. Let the court pass a judgment. 

In most cases, the divorce court of Texas intervenes to settle the property dispute. It will consider different factors, like child custody and financial capabilities, to decide who gets the house. The other one gets compensation. 

However, typically, the court will order the sale of house. The proceeds will be split 50-50 between both individuals. 

While this is a fair deal, you must sell your Texas home fast as the court might provide you with a limited timeframe. You will also need your spouse’s consent to finalize the deal. 

How to Sell Your House Fast During Divorce in Texas?

If your divorce leaves you with no other option than to sell your home, don’t worry because you can get rid of it quickly and smoothly. Here’s how:

1. Get a Free Cash Offer from DTX Equity 

We know that you want to sell your home fast during divorce but you don’t want to make a bad deal either. This is why we have designed our free cash offer form

Just type in your Texas home address and we will send you a quote within 24 hours! 

The Benefit? You can learn about the current market value quickly – and without calling dozens of real estate agencies. 

Knowing your home value will give you a headstart in the sale process. You can reassess the situation and make decisions that maximize returns. For example, should you sell your house as-is or spend on repairs and renovations to further increase the value?

2. Declutter Your Home

While deciding whether to proceed with the quote, get your body moving and start decluttering your home. This is especially important if you want potential buyers to visit your house and quote a better price. 

But, hey, we aren’t asking you to get into the nitty-gritty of it all. The clock’s ticking, so view your home from a buyer’s perspective and consider the areas they will notice most. 

That big porch? Your front door? The lawn or garden outside?

According to a study, 97% of the NAR members agree that curb appeal is the most important factor for buyers. It also accounts for a whopping 7% of the property sale price. So, it’s best if you focus on the exterior and entrance of your house first!

If time allows, try out these 14 home staging tips for selling your home in Texas. 

3. Prepare the Necessary Paperwork

Next, get the property documentation ready. This won’t take much time as your paperwork will already be sorted out from the divorce case. All you have to do is print copies for potential buyers to look through when finalizing the deal. 

This paperwork will include:

  • Affidavit of title
  • Purchase agreement and any addendums
  • Bill of sale
  • Closing statement
  • Deed
  • Texas disclosure form

Depending on the situation, you may also need to provide additional documents like HOA forms, home warranty, proof of renovations, etc. But before you print any of these, confirm the exact requirements of your chosen selling partner. 

4. Choose Your Selling Partner

When selling a house during divorce in Texas, we don’t recommend pulling this off solo. Yes, we have online real estate platforms like Zillow and Realtor. However, this is going to take way more time as you will have to figure out all the legal complexities by yourself. 

The best approach is to choose your selling partner. This can be either a local trusted realtor or a cash house-buying company like us. 

Now, we aren’t going to talk badly about independent real estate agents or agencies. We ourselves are a group of the top real estate agents in Dallas, Texas!

But there are a few good reasons we formed DTX Equity. 

  • We are cash house buyersyou get instant cash payment for your property.
  • We buy properties as they areyou can save money on repairs. 
  • We offer fair and competitive quotesyou get the best price for your house. 
  • We specialize in buying divorce homes in Texasyou can trust us with your case. 

And the bonus part? We don’t spend ages booking appointments and processing the paperwork. We will send our cash offer within 24 hours!

If you want to discuss it further, give us a call at (972) 433-6888 and we will schedule a property visit at your desired date.

5. Seal the Deal 

Once you’re satisfied with the offer, share the complete details with your spouse and obtain their consent (that is if they weren’t participating in the sale process earlier). Both of you must have a mutual agreement on the offer.

Communicate your final decision with your realtor or cash house-buying company to proceed with paperwork and closure. Divide the received amount equally with your spouse. 


All in all, selling your house fast during divorce in Texas is difficult but not impossible. With the right selling partner and resources, you can complete the sale process in as little as a week or two. 

Want to know more about selling a house during divorce? Comment your questions or thoughts below and we will get back to you soon!

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